Do you love the DM2 Comfy mouse? We know that you do, but we are now announcing a new, improved version. Together with our team of experts, we have been working over the last few months on an improved DM2 Comfy even though, in the eyes of many players, this mouse is a product close to ideal. Great shape, excellent sensor, and a perfect cable. Our DM2 Comfy mouse provides hours of trouble-free gaming. But how do we make something that is so good even better? Introducing the brand new DM2 Comfy S…

We decided to leave the exact same DM2 Comfy shape that you liked so much. This shape provides full comfort for the hand, which is indispensible during the most intense games. Our specialists spent long hours during the original design process perfecting this shape to suit even the most demanding players. We use only the highest quality materials to assure, that even after a few months, the mouse will look great. We know that players don't care just how the mouse works, but also how it looks. It is no different with the design of our new mouse, DM2 Comfy S.

That's why we decided to leave the same shape as previously. We know you like it very much. This shape gives you the perfect comfort for even the longest time. New, better, more efficient. The most important change in the S version is the sensor, which is the heart of the entire mouse. Once again, we trusted PixArt which provides the highest quality sensors currently on the market. With extensive company research and your suggestions, we decided on the PixArt3360 version, which ensures the highest precision while playing. From now on, playing games such as Starcraft, Warhammer or Civilization will be a pleasure on a completely different level. DM2 Comfy S redefines the strategy game!

However, the excellent shape and the perfect sensor are not all that provides the highest level game performance. We cannot forget about the buttons themselves, which are as important as the other components. In this case, once again, we decided to pick the Omron company. This is one of the best button companies on the market, always providing the highest quality and best reliability. Omron buttons are able to withstand up to 20 million clicks, which guarantees their durability for many years. Players expect from us not only the highest quality, but also the highest durability. Omron buttons meet both of these conditions. Never again will you have to worry that the mouse will jam or that the buttons will stop working when playing your favorite titles. DM2 Comfy S is the best solution for every player.

The most demanding strategies force the player not only to be extremely precise, but also to be incredibly fast. During a dynamic duel, we often make dozens of mouse movements on the screen to give appropriate instructions to your unit. Defense, attack, order for more units, or expansion of your city-all these things happen at the same time during online games. With this in mind, we decided to overclock the standard speed provided by the PixArt3360 sensor. Now in DM2 Comfy S, you will be able to get a phenomenal 7M / s. Such super-fast speed will allow you to gain an advantage over every player, regardless of whether we are talking about strategic games or shooters like Counter Strike or Battlefield.

The natural consequence of changing the sensor is to increase the amount of available DPI. With regard to its predecessor, it is a gigantic jump from the maximum 5000 DPI to 12,000 DPI. From now on, everyone will find something just to their liking. DM2 Comfy S guarantees 6 DPI modes that are changed by means of buttons installed under the scroll wheel. Available values ​​are 400/800/1600/2400/4800/12000. Everything is available in a fraction of a second, just press one button!

Lift of Distance - in other words, the distance between the mouse and the surface of the desk or pad. For the majority of players, the lower the LOD - the better. According to your recommendations, we set them to 1.8 mm. No more accidental mouse movements. Now everything is in your hands- full precision and control every time. Send your troops exactly where you planned. Thanks to the perfect plan and unprecedented precision, you will be able to defeat any enemy. DM2 Comfy S is the best friend of any strategist!

Undoubtedly, a cable is an important element of a wired mouse. Here, once again, we decided on a braided cable with a length of 180 centimeters. Many players think that this style of cable is the most durable and ensures the longest life. Almost two meters of cable will allow full comfort to all players, even those who love to play on the full surface of giant pads such as DM Pad XXL.

DM2 Comfy S is a mouse for real strategy fans. Perfectly contoured and having a sensational sensor, which not only provides excellent precision but also (thanks to the use of a modified version of the sensor) guarantees a devilish speed that will provide an amazing advantage over other players. This mouse is a DREAM come true for every player of games such as Starcraft, Warhammer, or other hits like PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, or Fortnite. Get carried away on a completely different level - thanks to DM2 Comfy S!

Choose The Perfect Settings

Thanks to the unique DM2 software Comfy S can be delivered to your favorite settings. Change DPI, adjust polling rate or select the dream backlight color. All this is possible in a few seconds. Choose, save, play. It's so simple!

Max speed 7.0 m/s
Polling Rate 1000 Hz
Control 6 buttons + Scroll
Sensor Optical PMW3360
USB Gold plated
DPI 400, 800, 1600, 2400, 4800, 12000
LOD (lift off distance) ~1.8 mm
Left switch Omron 20.000.000 clicks
Right switch Omron 20.000.000 clicks
Scroll TTC 20.000.000 clicks
Size 131 х 84 х 39 mm
Weight 94 g (without cable)
Cable Braided cable (1.8 m)
Backlight DM logo
Surface Matte
Content Mouse, instructions , additional sliders