DM4 Evo S
Endless gameplay power
A full range of colors
This mouse lights up in a way that emphasizes its modern design and ergonomic shape. Prepare to be amazed by the multi-colored illumination of the DM4 Evo S! Do you want to change the color of the lighting to your favorite colors? No problem! Use the advanced software in which you can not only choose a given color from the 16 million color palette, but also have the option of assigning your own settings to one of the profiles.
Sensor more efficient than ever
In DM4 Evo S you will find an even more powerful PixArt 3370 sensor. Your level of enjoyment will be high, and the speed of response to commands will be even higher! Become the top gamer with DM4 Evo S!
Button life increased to 80 million
High reaction speed
Legendary Kailh switches
Not only are Kailh GM 8.0 switches known for their high build quality, but above all by ultra-long lifespan of up to 80 million clicks! With this gaming mouse you are sure to become a real boss destroyer! Perform countless combos and win fights thanks to the legendary Kailh GM 8.0 switches implemented in DM4 Evo S!

Noiseless and durable - shoelace cable
The cable for the mouse DM4 Evo S is made of a special material that will ensure its quiet operation. It will ensure that even during intense gameplay nothing will interrupt your pleasant you.

Customize your mouse settings in the advanced software designed to let you enjoy even more gaming! Adjust the DPI settings, change the color of your mouse's illumination and set the Polling Rate to whatever you want. And then assign them to the selected profile to always have your favorite settings at hand!
Model name:
DM4 Evo S
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Maximum speed:
7.0 m/s
Polling Rate:
1000 Hz
7 Kailh + scroll
Optical PMW3370
Gold plated
LOD (lift off distance):
~1.8 mm
Left button:
Kailh GM 80.000.000 clicks
Right button:
Kailh GM 80.000.000 clicks
Side buttons:
3.000.000 clicks
129 x 66 x 40 mm
97g (without cable)
Shoelace cable (1.8m)
Matte Black
Logo, scroll, lower part of mouse