DM3 mini

  • The amazing PixArt 3360
  • Super light, only 77 grams (less than 3 oz.)
  • Plug & Change for extra features
  • Perfect for Left and Right-handed usage

Full range of DPI in the DM3 mini

Our newest mouse can work with up to 12,000 DPI. We wanted to make sure that all gamers will get their setting. It doesn't matter if you play on 400 DPI or 12,000 DPI, the DM3 mini will adjust to your needs!

Light as a feather, precise as always

DM1 PRO S is one of the lightest mice available on the market. DM3 mini is an entirely new level of lightness – only 77 grams! Thanks to this, you can barely feel it during gaming. DM3 mini is a dream for long-hour game sessions.

Small details, but a big difference

Not only did we change technical specs, but also added additional functionality. This is a must add mouse to your collection. It is perfect for all FPS lovers. So many changes you will feel like you found the light in a dark room! All you have to do is just click the right combo when you plug it into your USB port (combo's listed below). It's software customization without the software. Something everyone can appreciate

Customize it the way you like

We wouldn't be Dream Machines if we didn't prepare you for anything unique. DM3 mini has not only a fantastic sensor, but features lightness and precision. It also has a cool, new feature – settings. Now you can change in light-speed your LOD, Polling Rate, or DPI setting. Freedom has been redefined...thanks to DM3 mini!


Model DM3 mini MOUSE
Availability Out of stock
Max speed 6.35 m/s
Polling Rate 500/1000 Hz
Grip Style Claw, finger-tip, palm
Number of Buttons 3 buttons +Scroll
Buttons Omron 20.000.000 clicks
Sensor PixArt 3360
DPI 6 pre-sets
Size 118 x 64 x 37 mm
Weight 77 grams (without cable)
Cable Length 1.8m
Backlight DM logo
Surface Matte
Content Manual DM3 mini, Extra mouse feet, Mouse DM3 mini

Designed by gamers.

We work with the top gamers to make sure that the DM3 mini is perfect for all FPS games

Gaming Sensor

In DM3 mini, you can find one of the best sensors, PixArt 3360 available on the market. It's a completely new gaming experience.

Plug & Change

Use a combination of buttons while connecting to your computer to adjust LOD, polling rate, and many more settings. It's so simple!

Light as a feather, fast as a Ferrari!

Dream Machines proudly presents our newest gaming mouse, DM3 mini. It's a real DREAM for every gamer. If you wanted a smaller, faster, and lighter version of DM1 PRO S, then this one is for you! DM3 mini provides you with everything you need for competitive gaming – the best parts and the amazing design.

Small, but crazy good!

If you have been searching for the best gaming solution and most of the current models available on the market don't suit you well, then you have to try our DM3 mini! This gaming mouse is a perfect ally during play in such games as Counter Strike Global Offensive, Overwatch and many more. We use the powerful PixArt 3360 sensor. Our customers demand a top sensor and we wanted to try to fulfill all their demands. You can achieve a top speed of 6.35 M/s. It's just crazy good!

Omron switches – trusted quality

We know that you want to move fast and be precise, but what else is key – a reliable mouse. That's why we continue to use Omron buttons with 20 million clicks. Wow, that's a lot of clicks, isn't it?

Customize it your way

We wouldn't be in our right mind if we didn't prepare anything unique in DM3 mini for you. Not only the fantastic sensor, the low weight, and the exact precision, but a new feature – on the go settings. Now with each plug in, you can adjust your LOD, Polling Rate, or DPI setting. Freedom is taken to the next level with DM3 mini!

New super flexible cord!

In DM3 mini we decided to escape the braiding and implement just a simple rubber wire. Why? Because you asked for it. 1.8 m (5 ft. 11 in.) should be more than enough even for players with big mouse pads such as our DM PAD XL!

DM3 mini features

Possible button combinations to hold during plugging into USB port:

  1. Hold LMB+RMB for polling rate switching 500/1000Hz (default polling rate - 1000hz)
  2. Hold DPI+LMB for DPI step change: 500/600/1000/1200/1400/1800 or 400/800/1600/2400/4800/120000 (default dpi-400/800/1600/2400/4800/120000)
  3. Hold DPI+RMB for left / right-hand mode (Left mouse button switches with right mouse button) - (default right-handed mode)
  4. Hold scroll+LMB for LOD (lift of distance) changes to 1.8 mm (default setting)
  5. Hold scroll+RMB for LOD (lift of distance) set to 2.4 mm

Possible button combinations to hold while using:

  1. DPI button+scroll for rotating through 6 different Logo LED colors
  2. 1st option LED off
  3. 2nd option RED LED
  4. 3rd option BLUE LED
  5. 4th option GREEN LED
  6. 5th option PINK LED